There appears to be an issue with the Windows Azure system where the AssemblyResourceLocator does not work correctly when the compiled assemblies of a site is uploaded to Azure from a timezone ahead of the Azure servers timezones. You can read about this issue at

This issue presented itself in my application by failing to load any CSS for any of the Telerik controls I was using. Telerik loads it’s CSS using WebResource.axd. As I’m in Australia and the servers I uploading to are behind the Australian timezones, the call to the WebResource.axd would return a 404 error. Once the time on the server caught up to the compile time of my site assembly files, the CSS would start displaying.

I found 2 workarounds before finding a permanent solution.

Workaround 1: Change my PC’s timezone to Samoa (this first timezone in the list) and deploying my application. Obviously not ideal.

Workaround 2: Deploy the site to Staging and wait until several hours past and the site started working, then Swap VIP to Production. Also no ideal.

The Solution

The solution I found to resolve the issue involved using the touch.exe app found at to touch the assembly dll file to update it to the current time on the server after the app had been deployed.

To do this I added the touch.exe file and a setup.cmd file to the root of my app, set the build action on the 2 files to Content and the Copy to Output Directory to Copy always.



I then added a startup task to the Azure Project’s ServiceDefinition.csdef file to execute the setup.cmd file at role startup.

<Startup priority="1">
      <Task commandLine="setup.cmd" executionContext="elevated" taskType="simple" />

The setup.cmd file just has one line of code

touch.exe mywebapp.dll

As both of these files are copied to the bin folder, there’s no need to specify a full path the assembly file.

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